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Doctor Tushy

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Rebecca wants to pass the physical control so she goes to her doctor. But her regular doctor is on vacation so she meets with his temp replacement. She is a bit nervous because he is unknown to her and it's reasonable. The temp doctor is not even a certified doctor. He is just filling in to get to take advantage of the young hot girls. He gives her an entire physical and does not even know what he's doing!
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The airport security is very strict. If a trained dog finds drugs you will pull out of line for a very strict body search. That's exactly what happens to Suzan. She was going back to university after holidays she decided to take some of the local drugs. After she was taken out of line and brought into a security room she was stripped. Suzan was not cooperating with security so the security put handcuffs on her. Watch as she receives a vaginal and rectal examinations until the illegal drugs are found!
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Mila needs a checkup before cheerleading starts. Doctor touches her breasts, and gives her a full gynecologist and anal exam. She must make sure she is healthy before cheerleading begins.
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  Doctor Gyno:

Today Kira is visiting the gynecologist for the first time. She was a bit nervous that is why she went to meet a doctor with her mother. Watch how she gets her first gynecological exam. The doc. checked out her young strong body and also checked her temperature rectally.
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Nicky is graduating the university, and needs to have a physical examination. She has not had a complete exam for years so the Doctor must be thorough to check her entire body. He checked all her vital signs, including a complete gynecology exam. He even lubricated his fingers and penetrated her asshole.

  Rectal exams:

Sasha has to visit her gynecologist for her yearly exam. She hates going to the doctor and feeling violated, but realizes the exam is to maintain her health. Sasha changed the clothes, and then was completely examined. See this virgin undergoes a very detailed vaginal exam and rectal examination.
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Mary visited her doctor to get a complete checkup. The blond doctor started with a breast examination. Mary then received deep anal and gyno examination. After it the doctor forced her to knees as she received a thermometer deep into her ass! The blond doctor was so turned on by Mary she bent over and licked her ass!
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  Gyno police story:

Security Guard Johnny was partrolling the halls at school when he happened to glance out the window and spot Monica smoking drugs. Getting caught with drugs at school has very strict consequences. Monica was always a bitch to Johnny, and now was his chance for revenge. Monica's behavior looked very shady, so the officer told her to go to the security room for further questioning. Monica argued with him, but he finally restrains and handcuffs her. He then brings her to the security room for a full body exam. The security guards strip her and examine her vagina for illegal things.

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It is the first Kristina's gyno experience. That's why a doctor wants to give her a very thorough exam. He checks her entire body including a breast, vaginal and anal exam. He also checks her temperature rectally.Enter here

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Lisa had to get a complete medical exam after she started her new job. So as to get insurance she went to her doctor to make sure she was healthy. Lisa receives a very thorough examination. She gets her breasts checked, then a complete gyno and rectal examination.See more here...

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